• 5 Quick Tips to Dodge Winter Dryness

    Updated: 2012-02-29 18:53:47
    The holiday season brings cooler temperatures, more travel and less time to pamper yourself. Sadly, winter often leaves our skins with a lot more than rosy cheeks. Dry skin is one of the most common complaints during the winter, even in Southern California. With a little help from Elle Magazine, we have compiled 5 Quick [...]

  • 5 FREE Facials Winner

    Updated: 2012-02-29 18:53:47
    Thank you to all who participated in our social media giveaway. We had an excellent response and are excited to announce our winner. The recipient was chosen using a random number selection from random.org. Drum roll please… the winner of AMA Skincare’s 5 FREE Facials is: Monica Quiñones Congratulations Monica! Our staff will be emailing [...]

  • Get Laser Hair Removal Now for the Best Summer Look Later

    Updated: 2012-02-29 18:53:47
    One of AMA Skincare’s top treatments is Laser Hair Removal. For thousands of years women have yearned for smooth, hair free skin. Now, laser technology makes long lasting hair free skin possible. At AMA Skincare, the process is easier and more pain free than ever before. Watch as one AMA Skincare’s patients enjoys her treatment [...]

  • Your FREE Customized Medical Aesthetic Facial Awaits

    Updated: 2012-02-29 18:53:47
    As part of Social Media Giveaway we thought we would share a short sneak peak into AMA Skincare’s Customized Medical Aesthetic Facials. These calming medical-grade facials are preformed based on your specific skin condition and needs. Our various types of facials can help heal acne, reduce wrinkles, boost collagen and restore your overall skin health. [...]

  • Black Friday Special

    Updated: 2012-02-29 18:53:47
    Looking for an amazing Black Friday special that doesn’t require you to rush the door at midnight? AMA Skincare has the answer! Friday, November 25th get 10% off the  Clarisonic Skin Care System at AMA Skincare’s online store. As seen on TV, the Clarisonic Skin Care System is the perfect holiday gift to solve skin [...]

  • Don’t Just Set New Years Resolutions…Treat Postholiday Stress Disorder

    Updated: 2012-02-29 18:53:47
    At the start of the new year millions of American’s sat down to make their “resolutions” for 2012. But what most people don’t realize is that your body actually needs damage control to reverse some of your failed 2011 resolutions in order to succeed in 2012.  In Marie Claire’s January issue editors and experts help [...]

  • AMA Skincare’s 2011 Gift Guide

    Updated: 2012-02-29 18:53:47
    Looking for a few last minute gifts? AMA Skincare’s online store is the best place to nab those perfect and practical gifts for every one on your list. Here are our top 10 picks for every budget: #1 The Clarisonic Skin Care System. This 7 piece set will help soothe both teenage and adult skin. [...]

  • Professional Skin Care

    Updated: 2012-02-29 17:28:27
    Clogged Pores? Unclog with DDF and Clarisonic – PRWeb Make-up, cosmetics, Skin Care and other beauty brands are always thinking of new and exciting ways to improve on their products. However, as with many beauty product companies the very best comes from Professional lines. That is, brands and lines that are … Medicated Skin Care [...]

  • join us Saturday for Scub-apalooza at The Grapeseed Co.

    Updated: 2012-02-29 14:45:00
    : . Wednesday , February 29, 2012 join us Saturday for Scub-apalooza at The Grapeseed Co . Eco~ Beauty Classes at The Grapeseed . Co are a great way to customize your own product learn tricks and recipes to blend your creations at home In this class you'll create 2 custom large scrubs and learn about the benefits of certain clays , herbs , essential oils , flowers and more You'll make 2 different jars of scrub 10oz each to take home plus simple DIY recipes for even more scrubs Register online for a spot : date Saturday March 3, 2012 : time 4:00-5:30PM class with refreshments , chatting fun location : The Grapeseed Company 201 W Carrillo St . in downtown Santa Barbara You may also call our store at 805 456-3655 to register . nbsp Only registration reserves your spot and there are just a few

  • Private Label Skin Care

    Updated: 2012-02-29 09:28:46
    Tesco ditches carbon Label – Weekly Times Now Measuring product-level impacts requires standards of measurement, effective communication of the message and – for suppliers – added cost to keep products on the shelf in the face of discerning … on its Private Label food products, the group signalled …

  • Skin Care

    Updated: 2012-02-29 01:31:15
    Medicated Skin Care in the Netherlands – Market Report – new market research report – Transworld News According to a main manufacturer, relatively low activity in terms of switches, coupled with the fact that Dutch consumers tend to seek professional advice for Skin Care, explains the small size of medicated Skin Care. Medicated Skin Care [...]

  • Skin Care Manufacturer

    Updated: 2012-02-28 17:31:16
    Medicated Skin Care in the Netherlands – Market Report – new market research report – Transworld News According to a main Manufacturer, relatively low activity in terms of switches, coupled with the fact that Dutch consumers tend to seek professional advice for Skin Care, explains the small size of medicated Skin Care. Medicated Skin Care [...]

  • Wholesale Skin Care

    Updated: 2012-02-28 09:31:26
    Center for Plastic Surgery Offers Spring Break Discounts – PRWeb This limited-time discount is only offered until the end of February as … MD and Northern Virginia. To learn more about any Skin Care or plastic surgery procedures, cost and available financing, please visit our website at http://www.cpsdocs.com or … Provacyl HGH Supplement – 24-7PressRelease.com [...]

  • Professional Skin Care

    Updated: 2012-02-28 01:33:46
    Kylie Minogue: I don’t need facials – Sydney Morning Herald All her own work … Kylie Minogue eschews Professional Skin Care. In a recent interview Kylie Minogue revealed the details of her beauty regime. One of the surprises was the singer’s DIY approach to Skin Care. Minogue says she can’t be bothered with … Jan [...]

  • Private Label Skin Care

    Updated: 2012-02-27 17:33:55
    Tesco ditches carbon Label – Weekly Times Now Measuring product-level impacts requires standards of measurement, effective communication of the message and – for suppliers – added cost to keep products on the shelf in the face of discerning … on its Private Label food products, the group signalled … DynoNames.com Teens and Adults Be Your [...]

  • Should I Get a Base Tan Before Vacation?

    Updated: 2012-02-27 16:46:28
    Digital Doctor health insanely simple Search Main menu Skip to primary content Skip to secondary content Women Men Popular Post navigation Previous Should I Get a Base Tan Before Vacation Posted on by Dr . Benabio I just got back from a conference in Hawaii . Did I get a base tan first No . Why Because it does more harm than . good Tanned skin is damaged skin . Even if the base tan helps prevent sunburn , you had to damage your skin to get that tan in the first place . Using artificial tanning to rush a tan before you get on your flight can be even more . damaging Go to Hawaii , swim with the dolphins , lounge by the pool . Cover up , wear sunscreen , sit in the shade . Your skin needs a vacation . too Photo : J Benabio , MD Pin It Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it

  • Skin Care Contract Manufacturer

    Updated: 2012-02-27 09:33:57
    Labor Group Says Foxconn Hid Underage Workers During Inspections – PC Magazine Apple partner Foxconn allegedly hid underage workers from view during an inspection tour of a mainland China plant by the Fair Labor Association (FLA), according to a Hong Kong-based labor rights organization that has been deeply critical of the Contract … Solazyme Reports [...]

  • Wholesale Skin Care

    Updated: 2012-02-27 01:36:48
    Center for Plastic Surgery Offers Spring Break Discounts – PRWeb This limited-time discount is only offered until the end of February as … MD and Northern Virginia. To learn more about any Skin Care or plastic surgery procedures, cost and available financing, please visit our website at http://www.cpsdocs.com or … Provacyl HGH Supplement – 24-7PressRelease.com [...]

  • Natural Skin Care

    Updated: 2012-02-26 17:36:52
    6 Natural Cures for Dry Skin – ABC News To keep your Skin and hair from bumming you out all winter, try these Natural Skin Care treatments from Ilona Pecnikov, director of esthetics at the New York City spa Just Calm Down, and Julie Gabriel, owner of Skin Care line Petite Marie … About Hersko [...]

  • Feb 23, Sensitive Skin Sunscreen - Sunblock for Sensitive Skin - Hypoallergenic Sunscreen

    Updated: 2012-02-23 18:44:11
    Learn why it is so difficult to find a sensitive skin sunscreen that actually works, and what you can do to choose the safest and most effective hypoallergenic sunscreen.

  • Feb 23, Hypoallergenic Shampoo - Hypoallergenic Hair Care Products - Sensitive Skin Shampoo

    Updated: 2012-02-23 17:53:48
    The right hypoallergenic shampoo will minimize allergic reactions AND also make your hair clean, soft and shiny, but not all hypoallergenic hair care products are safe for people with allergies.

  • Jan Marini Starter Skin Care Management System

    Updated: 2012-02-23 17:32:07
    Jan Marini Skin Research, a leading provider of professional skin care and aesthetic solutions, announced the release of their 2-time award winning Skin Care Management System in new starter sizes.  The Starter Skin Care Management System makes it easier for new users to experience the wildly popular system and immediately feel the difference from the [...]

  • Feb 23, Salicylate Free Products - Salicylate Allergy - Salicylate Intolerance

    Updated: 2012-02-23 16:49:18
    Where to find salicylate free products if you have salicylate allegy or salicylate intolerance, how to prevent salicylate sensitivity and tips on reading product labels to avoid salicylates.

  • Feb 23, Best Organic Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

    Updated: 2012-02-23 15:49:05
    How can you find the best organic skin care products for sensitive skin when there is so much confusing information about organic skincare?

  • logic, lead, lipstick and legislation

    Updated: 2012-02-23 15:49:00
    : , , Thursday , February 23, 2012 logic , lead , lipstick and legislation In December 2011, the FDA published an updated report on lead levels in over 400 brands of lipstick and found the average concentration to be 1.11ppm parts per million just a mere 04ppm higher than the study conducted in 2009 where the average was reported at 1.07ppm . These results weren't exactly newsworthy , given they are essentially the same . Right before Valentine's Day , the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics CSC and Environmental Working Group EWG started riling up the media with scary headlines about the danger of lead levels in lipstick . I must give props to the CSC PR team , who resurfaced and twisted the FDA report on a timely date when people may be focusing a bit more on their pucker , but where's the logic

  • Feb 23, Hypoallergenic Hair Care Products - Hypoallergenic Shampoo - Hypoallergenic Hair Dye

    Updated: 2012-02-23 15:46:14
    Learn why many hypoallergenic hair care products contain ingredients that actually cause allergies and skin irritation, how to choose safer products, and how to find hypoallergenic shampoo that actually works

  • Bonne Foi Nourishing Face Cream

    Updated: 2012-02-22 22:59:35
    Bonne Foi Beauty Products, an anti-aging skin care line, today, releases its Nourishing Face Cream which will further enhance the Bonne Foi line. Created primarily for night time use, the Nourishing Face Cream will nourish, rejuvenate and moisturize your face, firming your skin and improving its overall appearance. Those with particularly dry skin or those who [...]

  • The Synora Beauty Collection

    Updated: 2012-02-22 22:52:13
    The beauty experts at Synora believe that the greatest breakthroughs in anti-aging rest wholly in nature, and they have searched the natural world for new ingredients in places few have ventured. They will be presenting their new products this week at a celebrity “gifting suite” hosted by The Borgnine Group. The Hollywood event features past [...]

  • Ouidad Bring Your Tresses to New York Photo Contest

    Updated: 2012-02-22 22:45:21
    Ouidad is making waves with the Bring Your Tresses to New York Photo Contest! That’s right — our curl experts are looking for fabulous photos showcasing curly, kinky or wavy hair and rewarding one lucky Grand Prize winner with a deluxe trip package for two worth approximately $3,000! The Grand Prize winner will also receive [...]

  • Holmgren Swedish Skin Care Luxury Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Line

    Updated: 2012-02-22 22:17:56
    Holmgren Swedish Skincare announces the launch of its breakthrough, Luxury Natural Anti-aging Skincare line, to satisfy the growing world-wide demand for natural anti-aging skincare. The products are formulated for a truly luxurious feel on the skin, and sensory experience customers will adore. These anti-aging products combine potent plant extracts, organic ingredients, peptides and clinically proven [...]

  • Demi Lovato New Hairstyle

    Updated: 2012-02-22 22:05:07
    Demi Lovato Tweets yet another new hairstyle.

  • Kinerase Second Annual Change Your Skin Change Your Life Charity Campaign

    Updated: 2012-02-22 21:49:47
    Kinerase, 2012 Valeant Consumer Products, a division of Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC, is pleased to announce its second annual “Change Your Skin, Change Your Life” campaign, for which it will partner with four charities throughout the year to make financial contributions. Each quarter, Kinerase will partner with a different charity, to which it will donate [...]

  • John Frieda Creates Zac Posen’s Fall 2012 Collection

    Updated: 2012-02-21 18:36:21
    For Zac Posen’s Fall 2012 collection, John Frieda Global Creative Consultant Luigi Murenu’s vision seamlessly blended the timeless glamour of the 1950’s and the allure of Japanese sophistication, creating a sculptural style with a twist of couture. “For sleek, flawless up-dos with clean lines, I wanted the look to evoke not just a different era, [...]

  • CARA B Naturally Arrives In CVS Stores Across The U.S.

    Updated: 2012-02-21 18:25:40
    CARA B Natural Products, Inc., a company trailblazing new ground in the ethnic personal care category, has just launched their proprietary collection of all-natural skin and hair care products in CVS stores across the country, marking the company’s second major national retail partnership within the last two months. Since its introduction in 2009, CARA B Natural [...]

  • Sedona Lace New Vortex Professional Makeup Brushes with Zipper Belt

    Updated: 2012-02-21 18:13:51
    Sedona Lace, one of the nation’s leading providers of professional quality makeup brushes and supplies, has today released their latest offering – the Vortex Collection of makeup brushes with an attractive, convenient zipper belt. Sedona Lace’s newest makeup brush collection includes 13 specialized make up brushes to help achieve professional results. The jumbo fan face brush [...]

  • Vedanic Skin Care

    Updated: 2012-02-21 18:02:10
    Co-founders of the newly founded Vedanic skincare based in Los Angeles, California, Varun Khanna and Tarun Arora amplify “Vedanic’s premium ayurvedic organic skincare products are manufactured in Ecocert approved facilities in India and are packaged in FDA approved labs in the United States. Furthermore, Vedanic believes in fair trade, no child labor and importantly over [...]

  • Elixir of Life KI Therapy Serum

    Updated: 2012-02-21 17:19:02
    E’shee Clinical Esthetic announced this week a new addition to its product line of skin serums - Elixir of Life KI Therapy Serum - designed to deliver ultimate skin rejuvenation. This new skin care product is based on a combination of stem cell and infra-red nano technology. It is the most potent skin care formula that [...]

  • Feb 20, Reduce Facial Redness - Facial Redness Treatment

    Updated: 2012-02-20 22:48:11
    These tips will help you to reduce facial redness naturally, even if you have sensitive skin, and give you some ideas for natural facial redness treatment.

  • Feb 20, Hives Photos - Pictures of Hives - Picture of Allergy Hives

    Updated: 2012-02-20 20:02:39
    How to find the best hives photos! If you've got a urticaria skin rash, compare yours to to these pictures of hives. They are not easy to find but we've researched to find you some of the best

  • U-Wand Anti-Acne System

    Updated: 2012-02-16 18:16:41
    Transdermal Specialties, Inc (TSI) is a pioneer in Ultrasonic active patch delivery systems for the Drug and Skincare industries. The Company has completed clinical trials of its U-Wand Anti-Acne System. The U-Wand is an ultrasonic product applicator device with the ability to generate ultrasonic transmissions of variable intensity and frequency on a programmed schedule that [...]

  • my urban garden

    Updated: 2012-02-16 17:39:00
    : Thursday , February 16, 2012 my urban garden As those who've read this blog for a while know , I'm pretty passionate about living green and being creative Three years ago we bought a cosmetic fixer-upper in downtown Santa Barbara and have been working to harmonize green and city living in our own DIY , creative style on a major budget It's all about maximizing your space and making every inch usable space . I'm excited we've found a nice balance of growing food , trees and flowers in our tiny backyard that both feeds our family and please the senses . Living green doesn't take acres of land , nbsp just mindful and creative uses of the space you have . Here's a few of our current favorites . top : left greens , greens and more greens , please Spinach , chard , various lettuces and micro

  • Simple the Sensitive Skin Experts

    Updated: 2012-02-16 17:33:45
    Unilever is proud to introduce the UK’s number one facial skin care brand* to the US with the launch of Simple, the sensitive skin experts. The brand’s debut in the United States and Canada is marked by the unveiling of 13 facial skincare items, making it the only mass facial skin care line specifically for [...]

  • Feb 16, Organic Hair Color - Organic Hair Dye

    Updated: 2012-02-16 11:18:19
    Organic hair color is definitely the way to go if you want to dye your hair on a regular basis, however the truth is that even natural and organic hair dyes contain toxic ingredients.

  • Feb 16, Shingles Rash - Shingles Skin Rash

    Updated: 2012-02-16 11:15:42
    Shingles rash is unique in its appearance, and unfortunately very painful. Take a look here for symptoms, what the rash looks like, and home remedies to treat a shingles skin rash.

  • Feb 16, Heat Rash - Miliaria

    Updated: 2012-02-16 11:04:47
    Heat rash is a skin rash that will cause you some discomfort, but the good news is that it can be treated and cured simply by taking the proper care of your skin. Learn more about the safest and most effective treatments.

  • Miley Cyrus New Haircut

    Updated: 2012-02-14 18:54:52
    Miley Cyrus tweets new hairstyle and asks ‘Got ANOTHER haircut! You likey?!’.

  • Taun Facial Repair Formula

    Updated: 2012-02-14 14:56:08
    Taun Small Batch Men’s Skin Care, a unit of TaunUSA (http://www.taunusa.com) and a leading new entrant in the men’s skin care industry, announced today that they have released their Taun Facial Repair Formula, the company’s flagship product. The new formula, made scientifically with men in mind, is the first product to be released under the [...]

  • MAC Cosmetics Takes on Another Exciting Season At New York Fashion Week A/W 2012

    Updated: 2012-02-13 22:19:29
    As the A/W 2012 season commences in New York, MAC Cosmetics’ team of international artists and creative masterminds gets in position for an unforgettable season of makeup artistry. Opening their makeup kits at Lincoln Center, Milk Studios and other venues throughout the city, inspiration will flow, technique and artistry will be admired, and cutting edge [...]

  • TRESemme Unlocks the Secret to Chair Worthy Hair at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

    Updated: 2012-02-13 22:10:11
    TRESemme, the No.1 styling brand in the US*, will provide a front row seat to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as the official hair care sponsor for the eighth consecutive season. The hair care brand will show women how they can achieve runway-ready looks at home by granting access to the latest stylist secrets and hair trends [...]

  • Beauty Basics Targeting Younger Faces Reports Mintel

    Updated: 2012-02-13 21:50:44
    If you think young girls are making an effort to look more mature at a younger age, you’re not mistaken–and beauty manufacturers are ready to help them along. According to new research from Mintel, a substantial 61% of girls aged 9-11 would like to wear more makeup than their parents allow. “Between reality stars like the [...]

  • Gillette Partners with MADE to Celebrate Men’s Fashion at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012

    Updated: 2012-02-13 21:42:25
    Gillette, the world’s leading male grooming brand, is teaming up with MADE Fashion Week to present the MADE for Gillette Menswear Program, which celebrates menswear during New York Fashion Week. The program kicks off with the Parsons Panel Discussion moderated by Simon Collins, Dean of the School of Fashion at Parsons the New School for [...]

  • Feb 12, Best Homemade Hair Color - Natural Hair Dye - Best Home Hair Color

    Updated: 2012-02-12 02:03:50
    Are you looking for a few of the best homemade hair color recipes for brunettes? These are four recipes that you can use to dye your hair naturally while protecting your sensitive skin.

  • Feb 12, Best Home Hair Color - Chemicals in Hair Dye

    Updated: 2012-02-12 02:02:40
    What are the best home hair color choices if you want to avoid the kinds of chemicals in hair dye that can cause allergic reactions and health problems?

  • Feb 10, Rosacea Sunscreens

    Updated: 2012-02-10 16:18:40
    According to G. Nase, expert on rosacea, cetyl and cetearyl alcohols should be avoided by those with rosacea. Studies show that this causes damage in

  • Feb 10, Pictures of Eczema - Eczema Photos - What Does Eczema Look Like

    Updated: 2012-02-10 03:26:54
    These pictures of eczema can help you to figure out if you have eczema, but a warning - they are really hard to look at! You can see what eczema looks like and it really is painful.

  • Feb 10, Best Mineral Makeup - Bismuth Free Mineral Makeup - Mineral Foundation Makeup

    Updated: 2012-02-10 03:16:04
    What is the best mineral makeup for sensitive skin? We've put together this guide to help you choose the most effective and least irritating mineral foundation makeup for YOUR sensitive skin care.

  • Feb 9, Spongiotic Dermatitis

    Updated: 2012-02-09 04:39:44
    Many people are living with recurring spongiotic dermatitis symptoms, but you don't have to. Natural treatments and prevention methods can help.

  • Feb 9, Atopic Dermatitis Pictures - Atopic Dermatitis Facts

    Updated: 2012-02-09 04:37:54
    Many atopic dermatitis pictures show the most severe cases. You can manage this chronic condition and prevent it from becoming so serious.

  • Fresh From Your Kitchen: Chocolate Valentine Scrub

    Updated: 2012-02-07 00:09:00
    : : Monday , February 6, 2012 Fresh From Your Kitchen : Chocolate Valentine Scrub Our delish Chocolate Valentine Scrub combines the natural antioxidant rich powers of cocoa and gentle exfoliating qualities of brown sugar and yogurt to create a home spa-treatment ideal for achieving smooth , silky skin . As always , the ingredients are easy to find organic staples in your local grocer or health food shop . Enjoy : ingredients 1C organic brown sugar 1 4c sunflower oil 1 4c plain or vanilla organic yogurt 1 T organic unsweetened cocoa powder 15 drops vanilla essential oil EO : directions mix brown sugar and cocoa powder in a small bowl with a spatula add yogurt , oil and EO , blend until smooth massage your warm , damp skin from the feet up with gentle , upward circular motions rinse apply a

  • Why You Might Be Missing Melanoma Skin Cancer

    Updated: 2012-02-06 14:02:37
    Digital Doctor health insanely simple Search Main menu Skip to primary content Skip to secondary content Women Men Popular Post navigation Previous Next Why You Might Be Missing Melanoma Skin Cancer Posted on by Dr . Benabio Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer . Catching it early is critical . The best way to find melanoma is to check your moles using the ABCDs . However , nodular melanomas can be trickier to find . A recent study from the Archives of Dermatology suggest that we might be missing these nodular melanomas which might be the reason why the death rate for melanoma has not improved in 20 years . How can we find nodular melanomas Add E” to your . ABCDs Is the mole A symmetric Does it have irregular B orders Does it have more than one C olor Is the D iameter larger than 6 mm

  • Feb 5, What Does Psoriasis Look Like - Home Remedies for Psoriasis - Pictures of Psoriasis

    Updated: 2012-02-05 00:49:41
    What does psoriasis look like? These pictures of psoriasis are a little graphic, but the good news is that there are many home remedies for psoriasis that can bring relief to even the worse cases.

  • Feb 3, Safe Skin Care Products - Safe Natural Skin Care - Healthy Skin Care

    Updated: 2012-02-03 17:37:20
    Here's where you can find safe skin care products for sensitive skin and all the non-toxic and natural skin care products we recommend.

  • Feb 3, Question About Cleure for Anti-Aging

    Updated: 2012-02-03 16:49:09
    Is the ***z-cleure.shtml*** line as effective on mature skin when there is no serums? Do you use the moisturizer under the eyes as well as I did not see

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