• Roman mother buried with child, in-law

    Updated: 2022-09-14 02:10:19
    Analysis of ancient DNA has confirmed that two adult women and one perinate found in a Late Roman shared grave in Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, were mother, child and mother or aunt-in-law. The grave was unearthed in 2018 during an archaeological survey of a site near Cheddington village that was slated for housing construction. The excavation found […]

  • Ornamental bronze wall plate found in Urartian castle

    Updated: 2022-09-13 02:40:14
    In an archaeological first, a decorative bronze wall plate has been discovered intact in a castle of the Iron Age Urartu Kingdom in eastern Turkey. While other bronze wall plates have been found before, they were all in fragments. This is the only known example discovered complete and intact, with only a few small chips […]

  • 249 Hittite hieroglyphs found in ancient tunnel

    Updated: 2022-09-12 03:23:57
    A university professor has discovered 249 hieroglyphs painted on the stone walls of the Yerkapı Tunnel in the ancient Hittite capital of Hattusa near modern-day Boğazkale, Turkey. Mardin Artuklu University Archeology Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. While Bülent Genç was walking the tunnel with his students last month when he spotted symbols painted on the boulders […]

  • Previously unknown dinosaur species found in storage

    Updated: 2022-09-11 03:37:05
    Paleontologists at the University of Tübingen in southern Germany have discovered a previously unknown dinosaur species in the university’s Paleontological Collection. It is not a plateosaurus, as it was originally labelled, but a whole new genus and species:  Tuebingosaurus maierfritzorum. It is similar to long-necked herbivorous sauropods and lived 203 to 211 million years ago. […]

  • 1.8 million-year-old human tooth found in Georgia

    Updated: 2022-09-10 01:58:10
    Archaeologists have discovered a 1.8 million-year-old tooth from an early species of human near the village of Orozmani, in Georgia. It is the fourth premolar of the mandible of what appears to be an adult most likely of the Homo erectus species. The find site, about 60 miles southwest of Tbilisi, is only 12 miles […]

  • Neolithic skeleton has world’s oldest amputation

    Updated: 2022-09-08 02:33:22
    A 31,000-year-old skeleton found in the Liang Tebo cave of Indonesian Borneo has a surgically amputated leg. It is by far the oldest surgical amputation ever found, and completely upends our understanding of the development of prehistoric medicine. The previous record-holder, a Neolithic farmer with an amputated left forearm found in France, is only about […]

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