• 2JZ Everything: A Quick Stop At Fat Five Racing

    Updated: 2021-03-24 03:30:40
    As a country and society, Japan has a tough relationship with change. It’s unable to jump into anything new, in any space, without an extended period of time that can be split into three very distinct phases: First there’s complete and utter resentment. Then procrastination. And finally, careful, slow adoption. This is a country that […] The post 2JZ Everything: A Quick Stop At Fat Five acing appeared first on Speedhunters.

  • 9-Seconds On The Strip, But Still Keeping It Street

    Updated: 2021-03-22 03:30:07
    Sweden’s Stefan Abelsson knows all about it. But his 1994 Acura Integra wasn’t even supposed to be a race car – when he bought it, he was looking for a daily. In 2007, Stefan owned an EG6 Honda Civic VTi. Keen to go drag racing, he decided to get serious with the B16A-powered hatchback, which would involve taking it off […] The post 9-Seconds On The Strip, But Still Keeping It treet appeared first on Speedhunters.

  • Rest In Peace, Sabine Schmitz

    Updated: 2021-03-18 05:30:34
    Germany’s Eifel region is home to a wonderful community of people with a great sense of humour, and Sabine was born and raised at the Nürburgring with an infectious spirit. Her mother, Ursula Schmitz, founded the famous Hotel Am Tiergarten in 1969 and Sabine, her youngest daughter, was the first and only woman in racing history to win the […] The post Rest In Peace, Sabine chmitz appeared first on Speedhunters.

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