• Shell Misses Profit Estimates, Says Investment Costs to Increase

    Updated: 2013-01-31 08:48:42
    By Brian Swint – Jan 31, 2013 8:04 AM GMT Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA), Europe’s biggest energy company, said investment will increase after fourth-quarter profit missed analyst estimates on weaker North American fuel prices. Excluding one-time items and inventory changes, profit was $5.6 billion. That was below the $6.2 billion average estimate of 11 [...]

  • Royal Dutch Shell profits hit by oil price volatility

    Updated: 2013-01-31 08:34:58
    31 January 2013 Last updated at 07:41 Annual profits at Royal Dutch Shell have fallen to $27bn (£17bn), from $28.6bn in 2011. Profits for the last three months of the year rose to $7.3bn, against $6.5bn, but Shell was hit by generally weaker oil and gas prices during 2012. Peter Voser, chief executive of Europe’s [...]

  • French, Malian Soldiers Enter Timbuktu

    Updated: 2013-01-31 05:52:57
    HT: ABC News The French-led intervention into the Malian conflict has yielded its greatest victory thus far: the successful entrance and Islamist evacuation of the ancient trade city of Timbuktu, grounded by Malian soldiers and backed by French helicopters and paratroopers. Timbuktu’s liberation (note: the city is still not entirely occupied by Malian and French soldiers [...]

  • Video Shows Hamas Pledging Allegiance to Muslim Brotherhood

    Updated: 2013-01-31 02:24:13
    A YouTube video showing Hamas leaders declaring allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood is being widely posted on anti-Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Islamist Facebook pages, according to an Egyptian-American source that forwarded the video to RadicalIslam.org. The video was uploaded on May 29, 2012, but it is unclear when it was originally recorded. The video shows Hamas Prime [...]

  • Dutch court says Shell responsible for Nigeria spills

    Updated: 2013-01-30 22:15:26
    (Reuters) – A Dutch court ruled on Wednesday that Royal Dutch Shell’s Nigerian subsidiary was responsible for a case of oil pollution in the Niger Delta and ordered it to pay damages in a decision that could open the door to further litigation.  By Ivana Sekularac and Anthony Deutsch THE HAGUE | Wed Jan 30, [...]

  • Egypt Expert: Morsi Fooling West, Seeking Nuke Capability

    Updated: 2013-01-30 21:27:10
    I recently interviewed Raymond Stock, an expert on Egypt. His message was clear: Mohammed Morsi is fooling the West and is even seeking nuclear weapons capabilities. Below is an excerpt followed by a link to the entire interview: Though [Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President] Morsi may have lost popularity and may be incapable of winning reelection, [...]

  • Shell faces damages over Nigeria oil spill

    Updated: 2013-01-30 18:19:40
    Speaking to Al Jazeera, Channa Samkalden, a lawyer acting on behalf of the Nigerian farmers, said:  “Overall it’s actually quite a good outcome for us. “At least Shell was held liable for one of the cases. That’s a good start. Also, a very important fact is that the court has said that Shell has a [...]

  • Dutch court rejects most of Shell spill case

    Updated: 2013-01-30 15:29:49
    A Dutch court has ruled that a subsidiary of international oil giant Royal Dutch Shell should be held responsible for pipeline leaks poisoning farmland in Nigeria. It was believed to be the first time a Dutch court has held a multinational’s foreign subsidiary liable for environmental damage and ordered it to pay damages. A Friends [...]

  • Shell Nigeria case: Court acquits firm on most charges

    Updated: 2013-01-30 13:39:51
    A Dutch court has rejected four out of five allegations against Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell over oil pollution in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region. But it found a subsidiary of the firm, Shell Nigeria, responsible for one case of pollution, ordering it to pay compensation to a Nigerian farmer. 30 January 2013 Last updated at 13:02 [...]

  • How Four Nigerian Villagers Took Shell to Court

    Updated: 2013-01-30 09:53:54
    Four Nigerian villagers from the Niger River delta have challenged mighty Shell in a Dutch court. They complain that the oil giant has caused environmental devastation and ruined their homes. A verdict in the unprecedented case is expected today. Battling Big Oil: How Four Nigerian Villagers Took Shell to Court By Nils Klawitter Four Nigerian [...]

  • Dutch civil court ruling on Shell’s responsibility for cleaning up oil spills in Nigeria

    Updated: 2013-01-30 09:42:21
    Published January 30, 2013 by Associated Press THE HAGUE, Netherlands –  Dutch judges are ruling in a landmark civil action by Nigerian farmers who want to hold oil giant Shell liable for poisoning their fish ponds and farmlands with leaking pipelines. The decision being announced Wednesday could set a legal precedent for holding multinationals responsible [...]

  • $200 Million U.S. Charity Linked to Muslim Brotherhood

    Updated: 2013-01-30 02:14:12
    RadicalIslam.org has discovered that four officials of Islamic Relief USA, a charity that reported a whopping $182 million in revenue in 2010, have Muslim Brotherhood ties. One appears to have been arrested in Egypt in 2009 and another has even defended Hamas as “freedom fighters.” RadialIslam.org previously documented IRUSA’s Islamist ties in an expose about the Obama Administration’s embrace of the [...]

  • CAIR-NY Official Announces Run for City Council

    Updated: 2013-01-29 22:57:46
    The board president of the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Zead Ramadan, has announced his candidacy for District 7 City Council and has already raised $47,000. He is a Palestinian that was born in Kuwait but came to the U.S. as a child. In December 2011, he refusedto answer a question about whether [...]

  • Selection of Shell related article links 29 Jan 2013

    Updated: 2013-01-29 18:18:44
    Selection of Shell related article links kindly supplied by a regular contributor Teck and Shell bicker over oil sands projects: National Post-CALGARY — A land dispute with Shell Canada Ltd. is threatening Teck Resources Ltd.’s first standalone oil sands project, adding uncertainty … President Obama Should Prioritize Protecting the Arctic as Part of …: Huffington [...]

  • Shell verdict will determine whether other firms could be tried for oil spills

    Updated: 2013-01-29 17:52:44
    …the reality is that despite condemnation by the UN Environment programme in 2011, despite Nigerian government promises, NGO fury and mounting despair in the communities, Shell’s oil spills go on, the gas flaring continues and the people of the delta remain as poor as ever. The verdict is due tomorrow. People affected in the Niger [...]

  • Iran’s Underground Nuke Site Struck? Israeli Officials Confirm, White House Doubts

    Updated: 2013-01-29 15:02:30
    The biggest blow in the covert campaign against Iran’s nuclear program may have just been delivered. It is reported that a mysterious explosion was set off inside the underground enrichment site at Fordo on Monday. The Iranian regime predictably denies the report. Anonymous Israeli officials have confirmed that an explosion took place, but the White [...]

  • Muslims Against Islamists: Kasim Hafeez

    Updated: 2013-01-29 01:57:26
    In my latest “Muslims Against Islamists” interview, I talk to Kasim Hafeez, a British Muslim that used to be a radical and his opinion changed as he learned more about Israel. Below is an excerpt followed by a link to the entire interview: It was an assault on the senses, in a great way, to [...]

  • Fall of Assad May Herald Brotherhood-Iran Pact

    Updated: 2013-01-28 18:57:21
    A shift is taking place in the Middle East that may culminate in a powerful Iranian-Muslim Brotherhood alliance. The two are killing each other in Syria right now, but an emerging split in the Sunni bloc offers an opportunity for them to make amends once the fight is over. The Sunni bloc has devolved into [...]

  • New Islamist Mosque Opens in Virginia

    Updated: 2013-01-26 20:05:54
    Last month, a new mosque called the ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Islamic Center opened in Alexandria, Virginia. ICNA, an Islamist group with origins in the Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan, framed its inauguration as an interfaith victory, giving thanks to the three churches that let them worship on their premises as the mosque project was completed. The [...]

  • Finding Out About Auto Insurance

    Updated: 2013-01-26 05:50:09
    You can find out a lot about Auto Insurance Guidance by looking at the right websites for information. By choosing a site that can offer you information, you will be able to Compare auto insurance companies and try to get the best rate. This can save you the money you need for your car or [...]

  • U.S. Slowly Enters Mali Conflict

    Updated: 2013-01-25 18:33:10
    HT: New York Times The first of more to come? That is the question casual observers and military analysts are asking as the United States Air Force is air-lifting hundreds of French soldiers from their home bases to the hostile grounds of Mali, while considering whether to supply refueling tankers to French warplanes. It might [...]

  • Senator Paul Questions John Kerry on Cambodia vs. Libya

    Updated: 2013-01-25 18:31:47
    Just one day after destroying the outgoing Secretary of State on her Department’s failure to protect American lives at our consulate in Benghazi, Senator Rand Paul was back on the warpath yesterday – this time against the incoming State Secretary, Senator John Kerry. Senator Paul, in painting Kerry as a hypocrite, questioned the longtime foreign [...]

  • Saudi Arabia’s Top Qaeda Killed

    Updated: 2013-01-22 17:03:51
    Saudi Arabia’s most wanted member of al Qaeda was killed in Yemen. Saeed Shahri was killed fighting government forces as part of the uprising in that country, according to al Arabiya. Shahri also considered himself the second most wanted terrorist in Yemen. According to an Al Arabiya correspondent, Shahri’s family said he was severely injured [...]

  • Five Foreigners Still Unaccounted for in Algeria

    Updated: 2013-01-22 13:38:27
    Five foreigners that had been working at the Amenas BP plant in Algeria have still not been found. With the Algerian military combing the facility, they have found dozens of dead jihadists and hostages, but are still missing these foreigners. The death toll has also increased: On Monday, Mr Sellal said the dead came from [...]

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