• 6 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood

    Updated: 2013-01-31 08:01:34
    PickTheBrain Motivation and Self Improvement Home Articles Suggested Reading 30 Days 90 days Archives About 6 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood Written by Michele Goldstein 2 Comments Categories : depression happiness self improvement We all have moods which can affect the way our physical body feels and operates as well as how we deal with other people and situations . Our moods can affect and infect others . You wouldn’t purposely infect someone with your germs , so why would you infect them with your mood Few of us were taught how to self-soothe or manage our undesirable emotions therefore , few people are able to maintain a steady level of good” mood all . day Unfortunately , there are many times throughout the day that when our not-so-good mood can affect the proceedings and the

  • Self Help – 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

    Updated: 2013-01-30 06:05:05
    PickTheBrain Motivation and Self Improvement Home Articles Suggested Reading 30 Days 90 days Archives About Self Help 5 Pitfalls to Avoid Written by Sheila McCann 14 Comments Categories : motivation productivity tips self improvement If you’re like me , you’ve probably read 100 plus self-help articles , tips and books in the past . year Personal development is an uber popular theme because life is about growth . Just try to find a person that doesn’t want to improve an area of their . life Go ahead Try You won’t be able . to Whether you’re moving towards a goal , discovering your passion , trying to change a bad habit , working on your relationship or developing a spiritual practice , you are seeking . growth In the history of the world , there has never been a time when access to

  • 10 Tips to Making Meaningful Conversations

    Updated: 2013-01-29 06:45:12
    A conversation is not a business meeting at work or with your family. It is a personal or informal talk that takes place in the cafeteria, while in a car on the way to a client presentation or walking on the street on your way to work. It can make or break a relationship. It can make a career successful. It can make new friends. It can just brighten up another person’s life. It can change the world! If you value time, aim at productivity and contribution, you would want to maximize your conversation to end up being a meaningful. Here are 10 ways to make a conversation bring impact to you and others.

  • Shh! 10 Good Times to Shut Up

    Updated: 2013-01-28 07:05:36
    Ever feel like you've gone and said too much? Again? Maybe you kill a joke or ruin a great moment. Foot in ze ol' mouth. Well listen up. And shut up. Not many people know it but shutting up can be the trump card in a lot of situations. Shutting up helps you appear wise and avoid conflict. It can make someone reveal critical information. In general, it can make life easier which it turn makes you a happier person. Here's how and when to just shut up.

  • Bye for Now

    Updated: 2013-01-27 15:22:00
    : skip to main skip to sidebar Credit Report Scrub The best damned credit repair blog on teh interwebz Search The Scrub Sunday , January 27, 2013 Bye for Now Hello all . Thanks for all your help in making this site so . popular Now , though , I do not have any time to devote to this blog . I am very busy with real life stuff and , since this blog is a hobby , it falls very low on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Please do not send any emailed questions . I do not have the time to respond and , truth be told , many of the questions I have been getting over the past year or so have been answered here already . Please make use of the search function as well as the Common Credit Questions topic . heading I have no idea when my real life will slow down enough to return to the blog . Hopefully it

  • Give Something Back, Feel Something Greater

    Updated: 2013-01-26 06:28:33
    As many people find themselves with surprisingly constrained budgets, giving to others becomes a more challenging task. A tough middle class economy is a true test of character for those who count themselves among this middle class. Do you continue to give something back at the same pace as before or continue to enjoy other uses of your money and give a little less when you have a little less?

  • 7 Strategies to Become a Better Public Speaker

    Updated: 2013-01-25 06:29:27
    It was Dale Carnegie who said, “You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind.” A common fear among many people is the fear of public speaking. The idea of standing in front of an audience to persuade or present often causes worry and anxiety, but it doesn’t have to. If you can remember Dale Carnegie’s words about fear and follow the strategies below, you will overcome your public speaking fear in no time.

  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Performance at Any Age

    Updated: 2013-01-24 07:06:48
    So rather than accepting that ignorance is bliss, living solely in the present, or subscribing to any other overused adage that makes you feel better about your failing memory, start taking steps to actively improve it.

  • 10 Ways to Determine Exactly What You Want to Do with Your Life

    Updated: 2013-01-23 05:59:38
    It's irritating. Frustrating. Overwhelming. They say "Follow your dreams", "Chase your passion". And you would. You really would. But there's a problem. A huge problem. You have no idea what your "passion" or "dream" is. Once we know our passion then we can follow it with insane tenacity. The problem isn't that people hold back from their passion. It's that you have no clue what your passion is. If you have no idea what your dream is you can't follow it.

  • How to Clear Up Your Life: Is Less the New More?

    Updated: 2013-01-22 07:57:04
    Through the years, I've learned much about myself by journaling. There's something about writing down our thoughts that helps make sense of the jumble of our minds. I recently wrote about how to keep learning in order to conquer fear, but I think there's another angle to the story that I'd like to explore. What if, instead of constantly pushing to keep up-to-date with everything, we focused on doing less and less?

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