• Tiger cubs bring flocks of visitors to Japanese zoo

    Updated: 2012-07-30 18:15:48
    Tickets to see four tiger cubs and play with them have sold out within minutes as Japanese visitors get excited about the new arrivals.

  • Bear cubs escape from bin using ladder

    Updated: 2012-07-26 15:46:10
    An enterprising woman lowers a ladder into a roadside bin to rescue three bear cubs who are trapped.

  • Need an Admin invite, in too many groups/not a pro account

    Updated: 2012-07-25 14:25:27
    V.ViewPoint posted a new topic: One of my photos got an invite to this group, but I can't add my photo without an Admin invite, it tells me that my photo is in too many groups (my account is a non pro account it allows me to add my photo to only 10 groups) This is the photo, hope you'll find it deserving an admin invite! Thank you!

  • Cheetah cubs to be named after US 2012 Olympics runners

    Updated: 2012-07-24 20:01:34
    Two three-month-old cheetah cubs showed off their athletic abilities for the first time at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington DC.

  • Ohio Young Birders Field Trip – Cedar Bog State Nature Preserve

    Updated: 2012-07-23 15:22:36
    For a July field trip, The Ohio Young Birders Club decided to meet up at Cedar Bog State Nature Preserve, the largest calcareous fen in Ohio. John Sawvel, the OYBC Membership Coordinator led the group in search of plants, birds, butterflies and dragonflies. Cedar Bog Boardwalk Illinoian young birder and niece Sammie is currently visiting [...]

  • Bear wanders into US shopping mall

    Updated: 2012-07-23 09:23:50
    Department store in Pennsylvania evacuated after a young female bear wandered in over the weekend.

  • New Swarovski Spotting Scopes Innovate for Birders and Digiscopers

    Updated: 2012-07-20 19:56:52
    On a recent trip to Hungary, science editor Gus Axelson got a chance to test out a new line of Swarovski Optik ATX spotting scopes, which were officially announced today. Although Gus was pretty new to digiscoping, he found this scope’s innovative design to be incredibly easy and intuitive for bird viewing, and for hassle-free [...]

  • Phriday Photo – Cadillac Mountain

    Updated: 2012-07-20 16:00:11
    Cadillac Mountain is located within Acadia National Park. It is the highest point on the east coast. Habitat Restoration

  • Maine 2012 – Bar Harbor, Maine

    Updated: 2012-07-19 12:00:15
    All aboard the Friendship V for the Puffin and Whale Watch Tour in gorgeous Bar Harbor, Maine! Hours of fun in the Gulf of Maine searching for seals, eagles, porpoises, dolphins, offshore birds, lighthouses and North Atlantic Puffins…oh and whales! …well, no whales. BUT – worth it anyway. The Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. will [...]

  • This Weekend: Young Birders Flock to Cornell Lab

    Updated: 2012-07-18 01:30:58
    A highly accomplished group of young birders will gather here at the Cornell Lab this weekend for our fourth annual Young Birders Event, sponsored this year by Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. Their agenda is packed with opportunities to go birding—but they’ll also spend time inside, learning about bird-centered careers from professional ornithologists and students here at the Cornell Lab. They’ll get to [...]

  • Reply to Did you receive more than 3 bird watching awards, Post here

    Updated: 2012-07-15 03:33:31
    birding4ever posted a reply:

  • Hendry County monkey farm

    Updated: 2012-07-14 20:50:40
    In response to a request for records related to PreLabs, a Chicago-based contract research organization, Hendry County has provided ARFF with a copy of notes from a June 14 Planning and Zoning Department meeting about a proposed “nonhuman primate breeding facility” to be constructed on four plots of land off of State Road 80 near [...]

  • Phriday Photo – 45th Parallel – Perry, Maine

    Updated: 2012-07-13 12:00:58
    The 45th parallel seems to circle the globe (hah!) and of course we had to stop at this historical marker in Perry, Maine. It is the oldest Halfway North Marker. U.S. Coast Survey topographers Charles Meigs Bach and Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow surveyed the coastline in 1883 using an old surveying device called a plane table. [...]

  • Birders: The Central Park Effect

    Updated: 2012-07-11 16:45:09
    “Birders: The Central Park Effect” is a documentary produced and directed by Jeffrey Kimball airing Monday, July 16, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. Cornell Lab director Dr. John Fitzpatrick is among those interviewed. Staff writer Pat Leonard got a chance to preview the film recently and offers her impressions. HBO is airing a documentary that [...]

  • Quoddy Head State Park – Maine 2012

    Updated: 2012-07-11 12:18:21
    Some of the Birdfreaks (Jennie and Dakota from Ohio and Mom/Dad [Grandma/Grandpa] in Illinois) traveled to Maine this June. Birds, mammals, snapping turtles in the road mixed with a whole lot of natural wonders and history made this a memory-building experience! Quoddy Head means ‘fertile and beautiful place’ from the People of the Dawn (Passamaquoddy [...]

  • Phriday Photo – Rolland F. Perry City Forest

    Updated: 2012-07-06 12:00:14
    Rolland F. Perry City Forest: Bangor, Maine It rained the day we were in Bangor, Maine but the birds and mosquitoes didn’t mind a bit! We didn’t really either. Abundant Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and singing Hermit Thrushes will un-dampen any mood! Dakota and Grandpa No Great Horned Owl Sightings – but Thanks for the Warning! Everything [...]

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